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Nadav Nazarathy, m.AmSAT, completed his AmSAT certified training (1600 hours) at Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique headed by Nanette Walsh and associate directors Lori Schiff & Ariel Carson. Nadav is also a jazz pianist in training and holds a degree in jazz performance (BFA, 2017) from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, where he first began to study the Alexander Technique with Caren Bayer, Rebecca Tuffey and Cynthia Reynolds. Upon graduating the New School, he immediately began his Alexander Technique teacher training and graduated as a certified teacher in 2020. Nadav maintains a private practice of teaching the Technique alongside performances with jazz ensembles in New York and abroad, while also teaching piano in ways which are influenced by the principles of the Technique. Currently residing in Chelsea, New York, Nadav is faculty at the teacher’s training course at Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique, while also teaching people from diverse backgrounds individually and in groups.

Photo by Yoav Trifman

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